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VHS Conversion Service

We provide a wide range of services to convert your analog tapes into the digital format of your choice. You can store the results on a computer or external hard drive or have us create as many DVDs as you want.

Our digitising services cover a wide range of common needs.

  • Transfer Tape to DVD
  • Convert VHS to DVD
  • Transfer Tapes to Mp4
  • 8mm tapes/ Hi8 tapes / Digital 8 tapes
  • miniDV
  • Betamax (price from $14 per tape).

We’ve added four new services to our lineup: photo scanning, photo negative scanning, audio cassette conversion to digital, and vinyl tape conversions. Contact us today for more information!

Take advantage of our many years of experience.

Trust Us With Your Trusted Memories

Each highly skilled member of our professional team is trained in the best practices to conserve and safely transfer your videos. Because we treat your memories as our own, we always remember there is a story behind our work and people who truly care about the results.

Additionally, we are proud of our proven track record of excellence, economy, and swift delivery. Our reputation is as valuable to us as your memories are to you. Because of this, we take no risks with your videos or your satisfaction.

Where Can I Get VHS Tapes Converted To DVD In Australia?

We have locations all over Australia to conveniently serve you. We burn any type of tape to DVD from $14 and up. We’ll even supply a cover for a small additional surcharge of $5.

Find a branch near you at our Contact Us page where locations are listed for your convenience.

We Clean Mouldy Tapes

We clean tapes thoroughly because we value your precious memories. The cost of cleaning a tape and converting it to digital format ranges from $35 to $55 depending on the tape.

So don’t let a little mould ruin the record of your past. Since we are the experts, we can handle almost anything you bring us.

We Repair Broken Tapes

Outdated or mouldy tapes aren’t the only problems old home movies face. For instance, do you have a tape with a broken shell? Alternately, are you struggling with split tape? Let us restore your damaged old tapes for you- it’s easier and cheaper than you think. In fact, our varied tape restoration services start at just $30 per tape.
repair and digitize VHS tapes services
VHS Conversion Service

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