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Tapes To Digital is the smart choice to convert VHS to DVD anywhere in Australia. Don’t let go of your cherished memories just because they’re in an outdated format. We’re the experts you need to safely transfer your precious home movies from VCR tapes to DVD.

We offer more than just the ability to copy tapes to DVD, however.  We’re also an economical beta to DVD transfer service. If you’re happy with analog format but your tapes are old, dusty, and mouldy, we can professionally clean them for you as well.

We understand how important memories are so we take the utmost care with your VHS tapes. We believe this sets us apart from other companies that transfer VHS to DVD. This attention to detail has earned us the trust of your neighbors all over Australia who come to us to breathe new life into their wedding footage, summer holidays, special occasions, long-forgotten birthday parties and other memorable moments.

We now offer photo scanning, photo negative scanning, audio cassette conversion to digital, and vinyl tape conversions. Ask for more information!

Share Your Memories Easily With Those You Love

Social media delivers an unprecedented ability to share more with those we love. As a result, we’re more connected to our family and oldest friends than ever before. Because we can share, we crave that connection.

Imagine reminiscing with classmates over school plays, honouring loved ones who have passed by sharing videos of birthdays gone by, and instantly showing off your child’s school project to their grandparent across the world. Companies that transfer VHS to DVD can digitize these memories so you can send them anywhere in the world.

We transfer VHS to DVD, VHS-C, 8mm, miniDV and Betamax tapes to Digital at very affordable rates from $14 per tape. Check out our great prices.

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digitize vhs tpes with this vhs to digital service

Clean Mould From Your VHS Tapes

Mould can form on any surface that attracts moisture and heat.  VHS tapes and VHS-C tapes are susceptible to mould growth and the potential damage that this can cause.  Don’t throw these tapes away – we have the necessary equipment that allows us to clean the mould from your VHS and VHS-C tapes.

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cleaning mouldy tapes for vhs conversion to digital is possible

Repair Damaged or Broken Tapes

If you’ve suffered the disappointment of realising that the movie you have stored on tape is no longer playable, don’t despair, we can help! Tapes to Digital repairs damaged tape casings and snapped tapes. Your memories won’t be lost. We’ll fix up any damage and transfer your VHS Digital format.

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Why choose us?

We’re able to offer friendly service and affordable prices to copy tapes to DVD or into a digital file you can store on your computer. We also offer tape repair and cleaning services as well as a beta to DVD transfer service.

We have all the necessary equipment, and our attention to detail will ensure that your treasured memories are safe with us.


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