Video Editing

We get a lot of questions from consumers who want to make great movies at home. They ask about the best software to produce quality videos. Most people want something that is easy to learn and use while giving great results.I use a lot of different software for video production and have tried many titles. I’m always looking for very easy to use software that takes just a few clicks to make a great looking movie you can put on Youtube, Facebook, or other social media.My personal opinion is Movavi offers the best bang for the buck. I have researched it, used it, and find their software to be the most adept at production while offering the greatest value for your money. It’s all easy to use and takes little to no experience to create great results.Here is a quick review of my favorite Movavi titles. I recommend these for anyone who wants to easily produce professional looking video at home with affordable software

Video Editor

Movavi’s Video Editor comes in editions for both Mac and PC. While there are some minor differences between the two, they are very much the same. Switch back and forth between your PC and your Mac and you won’t notice much variation.The Video Editor is very easy to learn. Movavi claims anyone can master it in just 20 minutes. I would have to agree that is true. Rather than having to learn dense drop-down menus of commands and functions, you use intuitive drag-and-drop controls to build videos.When your video is ready, you can export it to any of the popular formats various sites require. There is even direct sharing on Youtube. For most people who are making simple videos, you simply drag and drop your pics and clips, then export to Youtube for social media. Nothing could be easier and pain free.There are also some stylish and very easy to use filters, transitions, and titles to make your video look advanced and professional.With Movavi Video Editor I was able to produce professional quality video in just minutes. A few clicks and you’re done. It’s the best thing I’ve seen for somebody with no video experience who wants to make great movies at home. Whether you are making your first videos or you’ve been at it for years, Video Editor is capable and satisfying.

Video Editor Plus

The Plus upgrade has everything included in Video Editor but with some very cool additional capabilities. My favorite is the ability to do advanced keyframe animation. Easily add seamless movement to overlay clips, titles, stickers, and callouts. Your audience will immediately see you’re doing some advanced techniques and guess you must have a studio full of professional software. Yet this software is easy for anyone, including those with no experience, to get great results at home.There is more built-in material including 16 new video clips, 86 themed stickers, and 22 new music tracks. And for anyone in a big hurry, the Automatic Video Creation grabs your clips and outputs a beautiful video without any editing. Now that’s easy.

Video Converter

This is available in version for PC and Mac.
This clever little program lets you quickly rip videos, clips, and favorite films from the web. You can transform your videos to any form used by just about any device, site, or platform.
If you’ve worked with video a lot, you know all the many video formats out there can cause a lot of wasted time and headaches. Video Converter solves the problem letting you turn one format into another with a few clicks.
This also converts audio files and works just as well with MP3s. And it lets you edit video rotate, crop, and do cool stabilization. This is pretty much everything you need for working with files while producing video.

Video Suite Combination of the Above

Personally I love the Video Editor but wish it had more features and ready to use content. Presto! Video Editor Plus has it all. But I also need a superior quality video file converter that is equally quick to learn and intuitive to use. Video Converter fits the bill.Movavi’s Video Suite is the ultimate combo that truly has everything most video producers need. This is the comprehensive video making program that lets you create professional looking movies and sideshows from home.In addition to everything found in Video Editor Plus and Video Converter, this has some very cool additional features like the ability to cut and merge clips, slow mo and chroma key effects, 160 filters, and Movavi’s ingenious automatic video creation.If you are an individual who likes to level up to pro quality, the Video Suite has everything you need. I was very satisfied with the videos I was able to create in just a few minutes.

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