Broadcast Tapes Conversion Services

Technology isn’t timeless, but your media can be.
Converting broadcast tapes to a modern format is becoming increasingly popular for a reason: it’s either convert now or risk losing your media for good.

Broadcast tapes are highly sensitive to light, moisture, dust, and other elements that can damage the contents. Formats like Betacam sp, Digital Betacam, mini DV, and other magnetic tapes have a very limited lifespan. These tapes can break easily, even if you store them properly, and signs of wear and tear can show in as little as five years.

To keep your media in good working condition, our broadcast tapes conversion services can upgrade your sensitive media to digital formats that will stand the test of time and even improve the quality of your content.

Transfer  Video to DVD

broadcast tape
Transferring video to DVD is one of the simplest ways to preserve your outdated media. The process is quick and clean, and the results are high quality and long-lasting. Taking care of a DVD is much easier than caring for cassette tapes, especially when it comes time to move or store your media. You don’t have to worry about dust and light damaging your media, and there’s no risk of degradation due to age.

Tapes to Digital specializes in the “transfer video to DVD” process, whether you want to preserve old home movies or want to upgrade your collection of movies without going to the expense of repurchasing titles in a new format.

Transfer Video to Digital

Broadcast tape
If you don’t want the hassle of keeping up with multiple DVDs, transferring your videos to a digital device could be your best option. We can convert your broadcast tapes into digital files, which you can view on a computer or television connected to your computer.

Your digital files can be stored on a variety of media, including hard drives, flash drives, or the cloud, so you can access your video files however you wish at your convenience.

Formats We Work With

Broadcast Tape
Tapes to Digital is a full-service solutions provider that can help you convert just about any type of media. Take a look at the following formats that we work with and conversions we can offer:

  • Betacam SP, Digital Betacam Tapes, and Betacam SX
  • Professional Mini DV
  • IMX Mpeg
  • HDCam
  • DVCPro
  • Digital Video Cassette
  • DVCam for HDV
  • Mini DV to Digital
  • Transfer Mini DV to DVD
  • Transfer Mini DV to Computer (i.e. Mini DV to Hard Drive)
  • DV Tape to Digital
  • Betacam SP Transfer to Digital
  • Broadcast Commercial Tapes Conversion

We’ve invested in top-rated equipment for media conversions, including professional broadcasting equipment, which is usually too expensive for consumers to purchase on their own just to use a few times. Our technicians are highly skilled in perfecting the playback so that there’s no loss of quality in sound or picture.

How to Order Broadcast Tapes Conversion Services

Don’t let your favorite media or priceless memories slip away! Reach out to order broadcast tapes conversion services to keep your media intact.

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