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Tapes To Digital was born in 2016 on Sydney’s North Shore out of one man’s desire to help people hold on to their past.  Since then, the business has grown and helped revive countless memories that once seemed lost forever. We now have stations all over Australia. Please check out Contact Us page for more locations

After all, memories are precious but technology moves fast. This creates an obvious need for a skilled team to assist our Australian neighbors in turning their old home movies and videos into digital files or DVDs.

Tapes To Digital is more than just a tape to DVD conversion service. We understand how to securely transfer data better than our competitors. As a result of this additional attention to detail, we confidently promise to employ the best industry procedure. This ensures your memories are treated with care.

Tape to DVD Converter, Tape to Digital Converter

At Tapes To Digital, we live our passion and work our dream. We not only have a deep interest in technology but also appreciate the value of your memories. The combined experience of our team results in the absolute best digital conversions money can buy.

We don’t charge a high premium, however. Because we want to keep costs affordable for all Australians, we work quickly for the best prices in the nation.

Let us turn your old movies into a digital video you can share with the push of a button. We can Transfer VHS to DVD or convert other formats like 8mm videos for home viewing or special reunions and events.

Our Mission

We are passionately driven to help people with high moral standards in the work we perform. We feel honoured when entrusted with people’s trust with their treasured memories and believe we are helping our neighbors by digitising their precious mementos at a reasonable price. We’re proud that clients trust Tapes to Digital to copy tapes to DVD from New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia.

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